A Better Way

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Ancor Capital Partners’ founders Randy Keene and Tim McKibben published the book “A Better Way” to share lessons learned in acquiring over 45 companies

Ancor Capital’s two founders, Randy Keene and Tim McKibben, have written the book “A Better Way: Four essential elements for creating a values-driven culture in your business,” which you can buy on Amazon in hardcover or for Kindle.

Published in 2016 and now available through Amazon, the book tells the story of how often business leaders focus on the wrong things. They spend countless hours building strategies, analyzing numbers, and putting out personnel fires. They go home at the end of each day exhausted . . . and a bit confused. They think, “there must be a better way!” And there is.

In “A Better Way,” Keene and McKibben share the gripping stories that form the backdrop of their corporate private equity firm lives. As they faced setbacks, conflict, and ruin, they learned valuable lessons – the most valuable lessons for business leaders. They condensed what they’ve learned into four profound principles: passion, process, purpose, and people. Their goal is to instill these four “Ps” into every Ancor Capital Partners’ portfolio company, every team, and every person. And it all begins with passion. Profits are important, but they are the result of a vibrant, creative, supportive culture – an atmosphere where passion brings out the best in every team member.

“A strong positive corporate culture is something we instill in each of our portfolio companies, and Tim and I are excited to share our experiences in this book” said Keene.

“‘A Better Way’ is a compilation of our experiences across the more than 45 companies we have acquired over Ancor’s 20-plus-year-history,” said McKibben. “Ancor is what is is today because of these experiences.”

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